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The Only Access Controller Designed for the special needs of your Association!

Hardware Integrated Cloud Solution for Access Control

One Site One System

All operations Engineered in one place

We are designed to give your community the most powerful options

Hierarchical Locations

Our system organizes your units based on the hierarchical structure of your site, your communities, and your building. With this, comes Roles by each level and permissions to limit who can do what, can be given for a certain Site/ Community / and  or Building. Or any combination of these.

All Controlled by you. How do you keep out residents from having to go to the building office for the building FOB and then go to the master association for the common resident gate. When it is controlled in one place it is simple to do it all.


Always in a Unit

Organize all FOBS, RFIDs, or any “Tag” for access control, by having it attached to a unit. This keeps it organized and secure. 

But we also organize your people, vehicle, Storage areas, Pets and … with that unit also.


Our Sample Community

We make complicated structure, simple to setup

How does this work for
our Building 1

Building 1, from inside: –

  1. Its own inside doors
  2. Maybe it has access controlled elevator(s)
  3. The community Front gate (shared with Building 2)
  4. The main front gate shared with the entire site

Building structure

Now you do not need two or three systems for this configuration, you just need the right system.

Access to a building is monitored and restricted to those who are cleared for entrance. Our system is well built to ensure we provided industry standard security management.

Our setup has the Community Gate that restrict access to Building 1 and 2 only. For this gate, both Building 1 and 2 need to be able to make Tags to allow their vehicles to enter this gate. Also, we make sure that each building and each unit (if you use the app) can only see their vehicles entrances through the gate.

Outside the Community Gate, we can allow access from Site Gate, a main gate.  


To accomplish this, all devices communicated together with FOBs. Our devices were designed from ground up to operate seamlessly with the internet and communicate to our cloud computers via secure channels.

The Power to Collect

Simplified System

Manage Amenities Access to members

Your communities amenities are there for the use of paying Units/ Houses. Almost, all associations have it in their rules that, they can bar access to amenities for units/homes that are delinquent on their maintenance fees, But the law does not let you limit access to their home.

It looks bad if known delinquent units are using the amenities. The paying units people see there is no or little penalty for not paying the association fees. Bad business.

With the wrong system, this is difficult if not impossible, with our system. It is so simple you will use it on day one. What make this so difficult for other systems and so easy for us?

  1. When a unit/house meets the requirements to be marked delinquent you must first find, all FOBs for that unit. Because our system was built for associations, all Tags (FOBs, RFIDs, cards …) have to be linked to a unit. So we always know what tags go with what unit.
  2. Since we group all tags by unit, we only have to mark the unit delinquent, and we offer two levels. Community Delinquent, and Building Delinquent since some associations have two separate fees, we have yo covered.
  3. Now we know which Tags (FOBs, RFIDs…) to turn off. We have to figure out what doors/gates to turn off for these tags(unit).
  4. When we setup the Door Access Controller, we have two fields – Community Delinquent Sensitive and Building Delinquent Sensitive. If you make the door/gate Community Delinquent Sensitive, all tags for all units with Community Delinquent Checked off will be denied access. And the same for Building Delinquent.
  5. The reason this is not used in association is that, when it is paid it has to be turned back on. This is even more difficult, and if you miss one, you will have a very angry person looking for you. In our system, it is a single check box to turn them all back on, all of them!


More Than you Need

Just with a single check box,
Turn them all back on, all of them!

Add a new easy to use simple tool to your collections of arsenal. A better system and 4 check boxes.

Link all Tags

Connect all cards (FOBs, RFIDs...) to your unit.

Unit Delinquent

Separate fee for Community and Building delinquent

Switch On/Off

We take care of turning on or off tags linked to a unit.

Door Access

One check box controls all tags for all units.

Easy & Secure

Central monitoring ensures all access are secure & safe.


Designed From the Ground up to Work for Associations

Because we designed the system from the ground up to work for associations, we have the ability to organize our doors/ gates within a hierarchical structure of your site/ community/ building. This combined with the users roles or permissions  having the same organizational structure, it allow us to give staff access to Doors, and Gates they do not control, and to only see their units people who went through the door/ gate.

With this level of organization permissions, and restrictions by location we can manage all the doors of any association. While allowing each to give out the tags (FOBs, RFIDs…)

We also link all tags (FOBs, RFIDs …) to a Unit. So all Tags can be tied to a unit, so when found or if used, you know the unit it was given to.


Mature established system built
with excellent organization services

Powerful Independent Hardware

Secure Hardware

Dual Device Board

The controller is based on a dual board design, one is the brains (microcomputer), the other one, is the interface to the door or a gate. From here, we have one controller for one door or gate. To make it work it only needs power (12 VDC/ 12 VAC/ 24 VDC/ 24 VAC or PoE*) and internet. No connector data wires (RS-485) no special controllers. Just our controllers, and the internet.
The internet is only needed for configuration of data, and communications. The system can operate without internet. All Logs, and Activities are written to non-volatile memory so if power is lost none of your information is lost.

We also (of course) have the ability to upgrade the software on the device online with only a few seconds of downtime, and yes it can be scheduled for a slow or downtime.

Easy Connections, simplified Wiring:

1. Screen to see the:  

  •  Door name, no more guessing, which controller goes to which door
  •  Internet connection status
  • Server connection status
  • Every tag read
  •  Last sync time
  •  Number of tags/ door groups/ time roles and units in the device

2. Wi-Fi or Wired internet connection

3. Can use Wired internet connection

4. Standard 26 bit Weigand reader interface

5. Easy jumpers for powered or unpowered door/ gate lock

6. Multiple power options 12V or 24V AC/DC match to your lock device

7. Door sensor and request to exit inputs


PoE power requires low power security devices (maglock or device strike)

Simplified Wiring

Standard RJ-45 Ethernet connector for simple network connection


Simplified Wiring

All connection points labeled to ease connection

WiFi Support

Access Controller can access the internet via a wifi or wired connection.

Wired Connection

Access controller is can connect to the internet through a wifi or a wire connection.

Weigand Compatible

Our controller is built to be compatible with Weigand reader interface.

Weigand Compatible

Our controller is built to be compatible with Weigand reader interface.

AC/DC Supply

Choose your power supply to mach your lock device. 12 or 24 volt AC/DC support. Then we power the device for simple wiring.


AC/DC Supply

Match a preferred power supply to your lock device. 12 or 24 volt AC/DC support.

Simple Setup


The simplest!
No Software to load, just Login

For the installer, we have separated the setup or the device with the install of the device. The Door for the customer can be created, and configured without knowing what hardware will power the door. The door information can configured in the office before installation. Then after installing the door information is linked to the Asterix Hardware Controller through a 6 character short code. When power and internet are provided the device downloads the previously entered configuration and begins working immediately. Next we create the door groups and the time rules for access. These are created to grant access to door groups at set times ranges. We combine a Door Group and a Time Rule to create an Access Group. Access Groups are used to program the FOBs and get you through Doors or Gates.

Since each FOB, or RFID device can be programmed with up to 10 Access Group, so it is easy to setup for access to each area and give access only to where they belong.



Doors & Gate cards

Monitor & Control

Each site for Access Door Control is contained within a site. Sites can have communities and buildings. Each site while controlled and data maintained by the community can also grant access to the installer to monitor the doors.
But this monitoring includes seeing door status ( online / off-line ), last used error, usage logs, and Alerts. All the sites can monitored with a single login. Permission control of the door is available through our app.

Control, Redefined !

Doors , In-house

View and easily control all you doors from your in-house app. The app is built for simplicity and turbo-performance.

Master you doors

Command your

Modern technology frees you to Monitor and Control your system anytime and place..

Forgot to leave a door unlocked? Have an emergency and have to get a vendor or someone in?

No more driving in – open the app, push some buttons and the door unlocks.


secure Friendly

Making your Association more efficient with an integrated Access Control and Management System.

The only access system designed and engineered for association use.. Doors and Gates are organized by Site/ Community/ build, with proper user security.  Ease of organization of your Tags, no unknown tags – all are associated with a unit. Ease single click restrictions based on Community and/ or Building Delinquent status of a unit.  Turn off the Amenities leave on access to their unit. Different error sound if delinquent. Easy monitoring by your staff using our phone app. All residents (with permission) can view their units door access through their community app.



Ready to get started?

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