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Hierarchical Locations

Or system organizes your units based on the hierarchical structure of your site, your communities and your building. With this comes limitation by each level and permissions to limit who can do what. All Controlled by you. How do we keep out residents from having to go tho the building office for the building FOB and then go to the master association for the common resident gate. When it is controlled in one place it is simple to to do it all.

Always in a Unit  (header like left box)

To keep you organized All FOB, RFIDs, or any “Tag” for access control. have to be attached to a unit. This keeps the organized and secure. If you cannot figure out who is using a FOB it is a problem. If you turn it off and it is someone’s Tag you look incompetent If you don’t turn it off and something bad happens it is worse.

Our Sample Community

Complicated Structure, Simple to Setup

How does This Work For our Building 1?

Building 1, From inside out needs access to:
1) Its own inside doors
2) Maybe it has access controlled elevator(s)
3) The community Front gate (shard with Building 2
4) The main front gate shared with the entire site

No you do not need two or three systems for this configuration, you just need the right system.

We have the building security, pretty easy, Some access Doors and Gates. But these must be secure since we do not Building 2 making FOBs to enter Building 1. We keep it secure.

Then we have the Community Gate that restricts access to Building 1 and 2 only. For this gate both Building 1 and building 2 need to be able to make Tags to allow their vehicles to enter this gate, but of course we do this also and we also make sure that each building and each unit (if you use the app) can only see their vehicles entrances through the gate. 

Then we have the Site Main Gate, this also is easy for us to Allow access and to manage.


To accomplish this we need the devices to communicate together and with the people programming the FOBs. Our devices were designed from scratch to work on the internet and communicate only with our server via an encrypted secure channel.

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